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If you are a welding professional, you must know about welding electrodes and their usage. Welding electrodes are pieces of wire connected with a welding machine to generate an electric arc. Current passing through a wire produces the arc and generates much heat for melting the metal and joint with welding.

There are mainly two types of welding: (i) consumable and (ii) non-consumable. Here you will get a brief idea about various types of electrodes and their benefits and short-coming to determine which is the best.

Different Electrodes for Welding: The rods applied by the manufacturer in stick welding and MIG are termed consumable electrodes. The filler material melts to help in welded joints.

Non-consumable are electrodes are those which are mainly used in TIG welding. These are made with tungsten which hardly melts because of its higher melting point as compared to consumable electrodes. As per the welding electrode manufacturers, it only supplies an electric arc which assists filler material to complete the successful welding procedure. In this case, filler material is to be fed manually.

You can capture the difference when you notice that consumable electrodes are consumed in the melting process whereas non-consumable electrodes do not.

Consumable Electrodes: The supplier supplies these electrodes for MIG, stick, and another flux-cored welding. These add shielded arc electrodes, heavy-coated electrodes, and also light electrodes.

There are some consumable electrodes used on many occasions:

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