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Casting The process with which a liquid material is given a shape with the help of a mould is called casting. The mould has a cavity of a particular shape, when the liquid is poured and solidified, it takes the shape of the mould. Casting is basically the solidifying part. For making a complex shape, casting is much cheaper than other alternatives like the fabrication of small parts.

As per the moulding machine manufacturers, the manufacturing of metal items through the process of casting is termed die casting. This means of production is very fast and helps in rapid production that too at a lower cost. Die casting comes with a number of benefits –

Different types of die casting machines are –

Forging Forging is a process that involves the shaping of materials by applications of localised comprehensive forces. Very common household items such as kitchenware, hand tools, hardware, edged weapons and jewellery are made by the process of forging.

In warm or hot forging, the metal is melted in a forge, within the machine. But in cold forging, the metal is liquified in a different furnace. According to forging machine exporter, forging is less expensive than casting. Hot forging is a much more convenient process than cold forging.

Types of forging are –

Moulding Moulding is another manufacturing process by the means of giving shape to pliable and liquid tar materials. This shape is given using a structured frame, termed as mould or matrix which is basically a hollowed block. These blocks of filled with liquid glass, ceramic, plastic or metals, which when solidifies adapts the shape of the mould. Bi-valve moulds are used for casting symmetric shape.

Few types of machines offered by blow moulding machine suppliers are –

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