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Crusher machines A machine that is designed to overcome the hurdle of crushing any material into smaller parts called a crusher machine. This machine is widely used in industries that deal with the recycling of goods. A crusher machine helps to change the form of waste materials for easy recycling or disposal. Bending press suppliers in this Covid scenario mainly target the hospitals and other medical places for safer disposal.

A crushing device is designed with two solid surfaces held in a parallel position. The item to be crushed is placed in between the parallel surfaces and then pressed with immense pressure until the item gets deformed and fractured. Some Crushing machine categorizations are –

Shredding Machine A shredding machine is also fashioned to reduce any tearable items into small pieces. Materials like tires, leathers, plastics, papers etc are torn into pieces with a shredding machine. A shredder is also used for processing larger and heavier items like wood, metal or even a wrecked car, depending on the size of the industrial shredder. According to industrial shredder manufacturers, the blades of the shredding machine differ according to the items to be shredded. There are different kind of shredders namely, metal shredders, tire shredders, plastic shredders, wood shredders, scrap aluminium shredders etc.

Metal Shredder manufacturers in India have quite good fortune. Not only in industries, but shredders are also needed in offices that handle paper documents in large numbers, for the management of confidential paper documents in view of prevention from falling into wrong hands.

Press Machine As the name suggests, a press machine is used as a shape-changer of any workpiece, by means of applying pressure. A press machine has different uses, like designing a metal sheet into a particular shape, punching holes, making caps from aluminium foil rolls and more. In modern press machines, the pressure is generated by a combination of hydraulics and electric motors. For transforming an item into another shape, a moulding cast called die is used.

There are a number of punch press manufacturers in India, who also takes part in the economy as pressing machine exporter. Some of the major ones are listed below-

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