Gearbox & Gear Parts

The gearbox is used in any vehicle to increase the output torque or to change the speed in general. The motor is connected to the gearbox which controls the speed of the vehicle. According to the industrial gearbox suppliers, it is required in order to maintain the engine speed irrespective of the load and the vehicle speed.

Parts of a Gearbox There are several parts of a gearbox. So let us look into those parts more in details:

Types Of Gearbox Various types of gearboxes offered by the bevel gearbox suppliers can be used in a car. For the manual transmission mechanism, we have a sliding mesh gearbox, constant mesh gearbox and synchromesh gearbox. Then comes the epicyclic gearbox and under the automatic transmission, we have hydramatic and torque converter gearboxes.

All these gearboxes have different uses and some of them have advantages over others.

Purpose of a Gearbox There are several purposes why a gearbox is used in a vehicle and some of them are as follows:

These are all the functions and uses that a gearbox can provide to a vehicle.

Market For the proper working of the vehicle, the gearboxes are essential for the vehicles. This results in the gear parts and gearbox manufacturers manufacturing more into the market.

The majority of the car manufacturing industries are mainly located in and around Gurgaon and other parts of North India hence the gear parts and gearbox sellers are also based around those areas. The sellers can guide any customer and tell them about the advantages and disadvantages of different gearboxes. Likewise, the customers can go for a particular gearbox.

Gearboxes, as well as gear parts, are the basic requirements of any car industry and hence the manufacturers of these industries are a part of the footloose industry that is running under the umbrella of the bigger industry.

Below-mentioned are a few prominent manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, wholesalers, and retailers of gearbox and gear parts-

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