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A filter is a device that is used for separating two elements. The process of filter is called filtration. Filtration has several techniques and methods. Filtration is different from sieving. A sieve is a single layer barrier, that stops large particles to pass, whereas filtration has multi-layered barriers that prevent the unwanted materials to pass through. The filter component suppliers have an extensive spread of customers in different segments of the market.

A filter in a chemistry lab is a medium through which solids and liquids are separated. This medium allows the liquid to flow through, but not the solids. Then again, a semi-permeable paper called filter paper creates a barrier for solid particles present in liquid and air.

A domestic application of filtration is generally seen for the purification of water. Also, a utensil is used for sieving out filter grounds present in liquid coffee, commonly known as a coffee filter.

In different manufacturing industries, filters have an important role to play. Therefore, there are several filtering machines with different functions and designs, those are used for filtration purpose.

Spare Parts The interchangeable parts of a machine are called spare parts. These parts are in general stocked in the inventory for future repairing purposes. Spare parts can be distinguished from each other in various ways.

Spare parts that take a longer time to get replaced, if failed, are called capital spare parts. The parts of the machine which are repairable are called repairable parts. These repairable spares bear an economic value since they can be used for a longer time. Consumable spare parts, on the other hand, are of less economic value, for it needs a complete replacement rather than repairing.

Filter media manufacturers follow a larger supply chain management for these are very much demanded items. Spare parts are required in almost every manufacturing companies and that too in bulk quantities.

Different Types of Filters The range offered by the filter press manufacturers and suppliers is designed according to the elements that need to be filtered. Different forms of filters are as follows –

Conclusion Filter machines and their spare assemblies are also traded beyond the national boundaries too. Exporters of filter spare parts face demands from overseas as well.

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