Industrial Mixers & Homogenizers

A piece of industrial equipment, which is used for homogenization that is, mixing two liquids that are mutually nonsoluble is called a homogenizer. This process is applied for mixing various types of materials like a plant, tissue, food, soil, and many others. Homogenization is done by turning one element into extremely small particles and then mixed with the same state of another element.

Achieving efficient mixing at the industrial level is quite difficult. Mixing at the industrial level is carried on either in batches that are dynamic mixing, inline, or using the static mixers. Mixers with motion are powered by electric motors operating at a standard speed of 1800 or 1500 RPM, which is pretty faster than required. As per the powder mixer suppliers, some mixing needs multi-shaft mixers, where different combinations of mixer types are used.

Industrial homogenizers and Mixers Industrial agitator manufacturers produce different mixing and blending machines to cater to the needs of mixing a huge amount of elements needed in factories. These industrial mixer manufacturers deal with a customer base, which is business houses themselves. This type of trading is commonly called Business to Business trading or B2B trading. They produce different mixing machines like powder mixers, Ribbon blenders, Cone blenders, and many more.

Uses of Different Mixers Liquid Mixer and continuous mixer manufacturers manufacture different mixing machines to cater to the needs of different jobs. They are –
  • Cone Blender: It is quite a versatile and efficient machine for the purpose of mixing granules and dry powders homogeneously. This machine can mix up to a capacity of 3000 liters.
  • Batch mixers: This is used for dry ingredients. The ingredients are processed until they are turned into homogenous powder and then discharged as one single batch.
  • Horizontal Mixers: This type of mixer consists of blades (ribbon blender) and paddles (paddle mixer) attached to the horizontal rotor. These mixers consume a very short time for mixing and have homogeneity of higher consistency.
  • Intensive Mixers: In large production campaigns, mixing processes are carried on continuously. Intensive mixers fulfill this requirement.
  • Ribbon Blenders: This blender is made up of a horizontal u-shaped duct and a fabricated ribbon agitator, of special design, that rotates within. The agitator construction provides a triple mixing action that ensures faster and more efficient blending.
  • Industrial Agitators: This category of machines is used for processing chemical food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. These agitators help in mixing the liquids together, promote chemical reactions, and increase heat transfer. The agitators specifically help in stirring and mixing fluids.
  • Plough Shear Mixer: This mixture contains a cylindrical shell which is fitted with a series of plough that rotates on the central shaft, and it is incorporated with ploughing motion. This patterned mixer helps in the collision and blending of wet and dry materials.
  • Vacuum Mixer: These types of mixers are applicable for various viscosity products like emulsion and semi-solid. Their functions involve, mixing, heating, cooling, and vacuuming together in one machine and reduces the working cycle time.
  • Twin Shaft Mixers: These mixers are capable of blending some materials whose particle size is 150mm in diameter. Its paddling angle is 45 degrees which indicate it can withstand a very heavy load and can mix zero slumps concretes, ready mixed concrete mixtures of every kind, and RCC mixes.

Like these, there are other various types of mixers that prove very helpful in industrial needs.

These batch mixer manufacturers also play the role of industrial mixers and homogenizer exporter, exporting machines to different parts of the world. Therefore, resulting in overseas businesses in real estate and in other sectors of the economy.

Some of the leading industrial mixer and homogenizer manufacturers are listed below-

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