Screw and Washer

A screw is a type of fastener that fastens two pieces of an object with each other. The washer is a flat surface with a hole in the middle that is used along with any kind of fastener. Before the fastener is entirely held by the objects the washer is put between them.

Purpose of a Washer Many people may think what is the use of a washer along with the fastener and why is it always used only with the fasteners. Well, the washer alone has no function of its own but together with the fastener it has these following functions:

Types of Screws and Washers Screws and washers are made of different objects like brass, bronze and stainless steel. Other than these there are different screws like machine screws, wood screw, self-tapping screw, metal screws, cap screws and many other varieties of screws. Speaking of washers there are copper washers, plastic washers, rubber washers and all other types of washers.

Market For the purpose of fastening two objects properly, the screws are an essential tool for any mechanic. This results in the hex screw manufacturer manufacturing more into the market. The majority of the metal and wood manufacturing industries are mainly located in and around the Northeast and other parts of North India hence the screw and washer sellers are also based around those areas. The metal screw exporters can guide any customer and tell them about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of screw and washers. Likewise, the customers can go for a particular type of screw or washer.

Screw and washers are very important not only for industrial purposes but also for household purposes. It is not only used in the labour intensive industries but also small industries. Thus, the relevance of these products is greater all over the world.

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